watch Protesters across Bosnia set fire to government buildings
Protesters across Bosnia set fire to government buildings and fought with riot police as long-simmering anger over lack of jobs and political inertia fuelled.
Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Zipping by Earth on Close-Approach
Slooh will cover NEA 2000 EM26, a "Potentially Hazardous Asteroid", as it makes its closest-approach on Monday, February 17th starting at 6PM PST / 9PM EST / 02:00UTC (2/18) International times Viewers can watch live on or by downloading the free Slooh iPad app. The live image stream will be accompanied by discussions led by Slooh host and astronomer Bob Berman with special guests including experts and eyewitnesses from Russia, who experienced the unexpected asteroid impact that day.
Leverkusen have nothing to lose, says Voller
Sami Hyypia's side host PSG in the first leg of their clash on Tuesday as they aim to progress to the quarter-finals for the first time since reaching the final in 2002.

Leverkusen have enjoyed an impressive season and sit second in the Bundesliga, but head into the visit of the defending Ligue 1 champions on a run of five defeats in their last seven matches in all competitions.

And sporting director Voller accepts that PSG, who sit five points clear at the top of the French top flight, will be expected to reach the next round.

"PSG are obviously the favourites," Voller told L'Equipe. "We will play a game against a team that is one of the five best in Europe. Bayer has nothing to lose."

Leverkusen are 16 points behind runaway Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich after 21 games, and were eliminated in the DFB-Pokal quarter-finals by second-tier outfit Kaiserslautern last week.

Yet Voller is adamant that the club's hierarchy are pleased with how the campaign has progressed so far.

"We're pretty happy with what we are doing since the beginning of the season," the former Germany international added.

"We are second in the championship behind Bayern Munich, which is the best team in the world, and ahead of Borussia Dortmund."
Balotelli plays down Costa duel
Milan host Atletico in the first leg of the last-16 tie on Wednesday after scraping through Group H behind Barcelona.

The clash pits two of European football's leading strikers against each other, as Balotelli, who has scored 14 goals in all competitions for Milan this term, faces off with Atleti's Costa, who has 26 goals to his name.However, the Italy international is keen to stress that the tie is by no means a personal battle between the duo. 

"Atletico is doing really well in the Spanish championship. They are a great team," Balotelli told Marca.

"The tie is between Milan and Atletico (not between Costa and Balotelli). Although Diego Costa seems like a very good player." The former Manchester City man also expressed admiration for Milan coach Clarence Seedorf, who he described as "a pleasure to listen to".

"(Clarence) Seedorf and I talked about the situation in the team and about the things I need to do on the field. I'm happy," Balotelli added.

"In this situation, changes are normal. Seedorf is a great champion and it's a pleasure to listen to him. He was also a great player. Hopefully it will all go well."
Healing Herbs provide customer with all of their cosmetic needs
Given the current trend of going back to nature, it is not surprising that people are seeking alternatives to regular cosmetics which are filled with chemicals. Many Egyptian companies are trying to provide the market with the required natural cosmetics. One such company is Healing Herbs. We contacted founders Rasha El Meligi and Eman Elhendy for more information.

“Ii studied Economics and Political Science, so I have a banking career but I am a lover of all things natural. One of the biggest changes I experienced was my transition into a more natural life style.It all started with a simple idea – create natural body products for myself and my family, without any chemicals or synthetic agents. With the encouragement of friends and family and meeting Eman Healing Herbs Boutique was started,” El Meligi explained.

El Meligi attended an aromatherapy workshop in Paris to further her knowledge of the subject. “ I also spent many hours reading, researching and experimenting. Each product is carefully handcrafted and tested,” El Meligi said.

Similarly, Elhendy studied homeopathy, and she noted that it was a life-changing experience. “It changed my perspective regarding treating illness since I am a pharmacologist.  It made me more interested in holistic healing rather than solely focus on traditional medicine. A year ago, I decided to start my own business to make natural products starting from skin products and then tinctures, ointments, etc .  I have been struggling to do it alone until I met Rasha and we found that we have the same vision, and then we decided to launch our line of natural skin products,” Elhendy said.

Both are concerned with producing a high-quality product and that is why they pay special attention to the ingredients used. “All our products are made from high quality natural ingredients, pure oils, and are free from harsh cheicals and preservatives. We mainly use local ingredients inspired by the Egyptian and Middle Eastern environment, but at the same time we import other material from the USA and Europe to maintain the natural components of our products,” El Meligi explained.

In addition to having a list of set products, they are inspired by their clients’ needs. They currently conduct their business through Facebook and through exhibitions and bazaars. Their most popular products are the Coffee Vanilla body scrub, Strawberry body butter, Facial scrub for mature skin and facial serum.

something is about Valentine's day
Many people’s hearts skip a beat as the month of February commences and the fateful 14th draws nearer, a day when the colour red creates an infestation among the living. The day is attached to the idea of romantic love and courtship, stemming from a a legend about Saint Valentine secretly marrying couples after a decree in Rome that banned marriage, and then dying on 14 February. The hopelessly romantic would be sad to learn that there was no such thing. Although there existed a few saints with the name Valentine, there are no historical records concerning the death of one of them on that day, nor of the secret tradition.

Yet the day remains, celebrated with an official feast in many churches. Some believe that the feast was created by the Christian church to overshadow a pagan celebration that took place during the period from 13 to 15 February, known as Lupercalia. However, there is no evidence to support this theory, save for the coinciding dates.

Realists can blame Geoffrey Chaucer for the creation of the frilly day. To commemorate the occasion of the engagement of King Richard the Second to Anne of Bohemia in 1381, he wrote a poem called Parlement of Foules (The Assembly of Fowls). Part of the poem reads:

“For this was on St Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.”

That is the earliest record known of association of romantic love to Saint Valentine. Yet, Historians believe that Chaucer might have been referring to 3 May, the day when the liturgical calendar celebrated a Saint Valentine of Genoa. The treaty for the marriage of Richard and Anne was reportedly signed on 2 May.

Valentine’s Day has since been mentioned in many works of literature during the medieval and renaissance eras. One such example is Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Ophelia says in Act 5:

“To-morrow is Saint Valentine’s day,

All in the morning betime,

And I a maid at your window,

To be your Valentine.”

Appropriately enough, Ophelia sings these words when she goes insane after Hamlet murders her father. Her love for Hamlet, a self-obsessed psychopath, eventually leads her to suicide; a cautionary tale, for all the boys and girls out there.

The concept of flowers and chocolates were introduced in the 18th century, adding a monetary touch to the seemingly altruistic feast. Today, in a vegan-obsessed world, couples can also give each other boxes of fresh vegetables.

Iran ready for the decisive battle with America and the Zionist regime([Israel)
AFP – Armed forces chief of staff General Hassan Firouzabadi has warned the Islamic republic’s arch-foes that Iran is prepared for a “decisive battle” if attacked, Fars news agency reported on Wednesday.

“We are ready for the decisive battle with America and the Zionist regime [Israel],” Fars quoted Firouzabadi as saying.

He also warned neighbouring nations not to allow any attack to be launched on Iran from their soil.

“We do not have any hostility towards regional states, but if we are ever attacked from the American bases in the region we will strike that area back,” he said.

Washington has many military bases in the region, including in Bahrain, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said late last month that if diplomacy with Iran fails, “the military option of the United States is ready and prepared to do what it would have to do”.

But Firouzabadi accused the US of bluffing.

“Over the past decade, they brought their forces but came to the conclusion that they can’t attack us and left,” he said, dismissing the US military threat as nothing but a “political bluff”.

President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday the West should not have and delusions about using a military option.

“I say explicitly, if some have delusions of having any threats against Iran on their tables, they need to wear new glasses. There is no military option against Iran on any table in the world,” he said.

Iran is due to resume talks on Monday in Vienna with the P5+1 — Britain, France, the United States, Russia and China plus Germany — aimed at reaching a comprehensive nuclear accord following a landmark interim agreement struck in November.

Western nations have long suspected Iran of covertly pursuing nuclear weapons alongside its civilian programme, allegations denied by Tehran which insists its nuclear activities are entirely peaceful.

Neither the United States nor Israel has ruled out military action to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, if diplomacy fails.

Gunmen have kidnapped a British teacher in Sanaa, in Yemen
AFP – Gunmen have abducted a British teacher in Sanaa, in the second kidnapping this month of a British expat in violence-hit Yemen, a security official said Thursday.

The unidentified gunmen captured the teacher on Wednesday evening as he returned from work, the official said. A Western diplomat confirmed the kidnapping.

The teacher, whose identity has not been revealed, works for the American education and training organisation AMIDEAST, the official said.

The gunmen took him to an unknown destination.

On February 4, an oil sector official said that unknown gunmen had abducted a British worker in Sanaa, but London has not so far confirmed his kidnapping.

Late January, tribesmen abducted a German in the capital, demanding the release of jailed relatives in exchange for the hostage.

Hundreds of people have been kidnapped in Yemen over the past 15 years, mostly by tribesmen who use them as bargaining chips in disputes with the government. Nearly all have been freed unharmed.

Al-Qaeda militants have also abducted foreigners in Yemen and are currently holding a South African man, as well as a Saudi and an Iranian diplomat.
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Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (left) shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin during their meeting in Novo-Ogaryovo residence, outside Moscow, on 13 February 2014 (AFP Photo)
The 59-year-old Egyptian field marshal has not actually declared his presidential ambitions but is overwhelmingly predicted to run in elections

AFP – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday endorsed Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s undeclared bid to head the strife-torn North African nation as the two leaders negotiated a massive Moscow weapons deal.

Sisi came to Moscow with Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy for talks aimed at securing Russian assistance — stagnant since the late Soviet era — that could replace subsiding support from Cairo’s more recent ally Washington.

Putin told Sisi that Moscow fully backed Egypt’s new constitution and crucially made no mention of Cairo’s crackdown on protests or the army-backed overthrow in July of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

“I know that you, mister defence minister, have decided to run for president of Egypt,” Putin told Sisi in televised remarks.

“I wish you luck both from myself personally and from the Russian people.”

The 59-year-old Egyptian field marshal has not actually declared his presidential ambitions but is overwhelmingly predicted to run in elections expected to be held later this year.

A Kuwaiti newspaper quoted Sisi as saying last week that he had “no choice but to meet the demands of the Egyptian people” and run for head of state. The army later denied the report.

Sisi would have to give up his title as head of the Egyptian armed forces in order to contest the election.

Sisi and Fahmy earlier on Thursday met their Russian counterparts to negotiate a $2-billion arms deal the two sides initially discussed in Cairo in November — a month after Washington suspended millions of dollars in assistance to the Egyptian army over Morsi’s ouster.

“Our visit offers a new start to the development of military and technological cooperation between Egypt and Russia,” Sisi told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“We hope to speed up this cooperation,” Sisi said.

Top officials revealed no details of Thursday’s military discussions while signalling that both sides were interested in the speedy conclusion of a deal.

Russia’s defence chief Shoigu stressed that Moscow “was interested in seeing Egypt be a powerful and stable state.”

“In this connection, we need to discuss fairly important issues concerning military and technological cooperation — their current state and prospects for the future.”

- Air defence systems -

The head of Russia’s state industrial holding company said after the Cairo meeting that Moscow was on the verge of reaching a landmark agreement to deliver air defence systems to Egypt’s army.

Rostec chief Sergei Chemezov said on November 18 that “some contracts (with Egypt) have already been signed — particularly one concerning air defence systems.”

But he later clarified that he was referring only to a framework agreement and not to firm delivery contracts.

Moscow’s authoritative Vedomosti business daily on November 15 said the deals under discussion were worth more than $2 billion and could be financed by Saudi Arabia.

The Soviet Union was the main supplier of arms to Egypt in the 1960s and early 1970s. Cooperation between the two sides dropped after Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty and Cairo began receiving generous US aid.

Russia is now keen to revive those ties and Shoigu made clear on Thursday that Moscow fully supported the tough measures taken by Sisi against Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood movement.

“We cannot but celebrate the adoption of the new Egyptian constitution,” the Russian defence minister told Sisi.

“We view your efforts at achieving stability as effective.”

Shoigu added that the two sides had touched on the possibility of Russian and Egypt conducting joint military exercises and the option of the North African country’s officers undergoing military training in Moscow.